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7 First Birthday Party Ideas For A Picture-Perfect Event

Your toddler's first birthday party is no doubt one of the most important events of their (and your) life. It’s the time they reach their first milestones in life. Hopefully, by this time, they’ve had a couple of achievements, like mumbling a few words and taking their first steps.

These reasons, along with the fact that it’s their first birthday, call for a memorable and picture-perfect celebration. There are many first birthday party ideas that can help make the event unforgettable, and Party Baby Seattle can help set them all up.

Let’s look at some fascinating first birthday party ideas we’ve got in store for you.

Have A Theme Event

You might not believe it, your kids, even at the age of one, have likes and dislikes. It’s your job to look after these preferences when organizing their first birthday party. But, worry not, because we can make that job a lot easier. We offer a ton of different themes like The Sophie and Fawn, The Moon and Back, and more that your toddler will love.

Use Custom Reels

Custom reels are one of the best first birthday party ideas ever. While our mesmerizing themes ensure that your event is picture-perfect, our custom reels ensure we capture that moment in a way you never forget. Our reels are professionally edited and tailor-made just for you. You can share them with friends and family and show them how much fun you’re having.

Set Up Bounce Houses

Children are always looking to have fun. To them, it doesn’t matter if the party is indoors or outside. That’s why you need both indoor first birthday party ideas and outdoor first birthday party ideas. At Party Baby Seattle, we offer a ton of different bounce house options to make your toddler’s first birthday party fun and picture-perfect.

Don’t Cut Back On The Snacks

There will be other toddlers at your kid’s birthday party. Trust us, these toddlers and the guest of honor will need some dining options, and cake might not be enough. So, you need to make sure you have some Cheerios and chocolates they can snack on. Oh yeah, don’t forget, the old milk and cookies never fail to amuse the little ones.

Have A Pinata

Let’s face it, children love to hit, throw, and break things. They’re quite impulsive, after all. But it’s better to channel these impulses in a fun way. That’s exactly what a pinata does. Now anyone can have a pinata at a party, but it isn't enough to make the event memorable. We make sure the pinata, like everything else, goes with the theme and makes the event picture-perfect.

Set Up A Ball Pit

Having a ball pit at the event is one of the best first birthday party ideas ever. We don’t know of a single toddler who doesn’t love a ball pit. Chances are you don’t either. That right there is why we offer loads of different options like The Skittles and The Macaron ball pits. Trust us, the kids are going to love it, and the camera will too.

Have A Dance Floor

A dance floor is one of the best first birthday party ideas for boys and girls. Kids love music and love to dance, so why not let them? You might end up listening to Baby Shark for a couple of hours, but some boogie-woogie with little ones will create memorable photos. We have a ton of other indoor and outdoor first birthday party ideas like this.

What Our Clients Say

“Party Baby Seattle is AMAZING! We used their bubble house and ball pit for our daughter's first birthday and had so much fun! The team was so sweet and helpful!”

Miranda Nenkov

​“My kids really enjoyed the set up for their 1st and 2nd birthday. Everything was clean, set up was quick, and the staff was accommodating and friendly. Will be recommending it to friends and family!”

Olivia S

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now and learn more about the fascinating summer and winter first birthday ideas we have in store for you.

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