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The Best Educational Toys for Summer Learning and Fun

Summer is not just about having fun; it is also a great opportunity to learn new things. Here at Party Baby Seattle, we are firm believers that learning can be fun! So, this summer, we're excited to share some of the best educational toys that not only entertain but also enhance learning and develop key skills while your little one plays.


1. Water Play Tables 

Why It's Great: There's a misconception that water play tables are just a way to keep children occupied, but that's not the case - it's more than just splashing around water! 

Water play tables are one of the best outdoor learning toys for kids because they promote motor skill development. Every time that they pour or scoop water, these actions test your little one's hand-eye coordination. Plus, water play tables encourage children to use their imagination! 

Top Pick: There are many water play tables on the market. We suggest getting the Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Toddler Water Table.  

There are so many things to love about this water play table. It has a large footprint, so your bundle of joy can invite and play with his/her friends, and 13 accessories (buckets, strainers, and toy figures) are included out of the box. Did we mention that there's a water drain plug too? 

But what really makes Step2's water table stand out for us is how it encourages children to play. Every time your little one scoops the water from the main pond and pours it into the second tier, it creates a magical rainfall effect!


To top it all off, the spinners and ramps can be rearranged, allowing your toddler to explore the cause-and-effect of water play. Another great thing about Step2's water table? You can also use it with sand! 

2. Outdoor Science Kits

Why It's Great: Want to foster your kid's love for science? You can't go wrong with outdoor science kits. These fun educational toys for summer encourage kids to explore and discover the different flora and fauna! Plus, they can have hands-on experience on how certain scientific principles work in real life. 

Top Pick: One of the best outdoor science kits for kids is the National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit. This science learning toy gives children the chance to dig out fossils, just like real paleontologists. They can excavate not just one but 15 real fossils, from ammonite and coral to a shark's tooth.  

What we really love about this dig kit is a learning guide is included so your little one can learn interesting facts about each fossil. 

3. Eco-Friendly Building Blocks

Why It's Great: Building blocks are powerful learning tools for kids! These toys offer a world of endless possibilities for your child's imagination while fostering spatial awareness and geometric concepts. 

Top Pick: Forget wooden building blocks that only provide basic stacking. If you want endless creative possibilities for your child, get the MAGNA-TILES Classic Magnetic Construction Set!  

This award-winning building block takes block building to a whole new level by using magnets to connect the pieces together securely. This means kids can build simple to complex structures without worrying that they would easily topple down. 

If you are worried about the durability of MAGNA-Tiles, don't be! Each tile has a fastening rivet for the magnets, a signature lattice design to prevent cracking, and is made from food-grade, non-toxic plastic. 

4. Garden and Nature Exploration Toys 

Why It's Great: Kids are naturally curious, and with garden and nature exploration toys, you can nurture their inquisitiveness. Using field guides, magnifying glasses, and bug catchers, they can explore the natural world around them. In return, they'll get a sensory-rich experience they won't get with a tablet! 

Top Pick: For your little gardener, we highly recommend Green Toys Gardening Kit! What makes this an excellent choice for eager and young nature lovers is that the included seeds are quick to sprout, making this summer project extra exciting for kids! 

Plus, the kit includes everything you need - pots (made from plastic milk containers), seeds, soil discs, and a trowel. We suggest investing in a small garden spray bottle so your little one can participate in making sure the seeds are moist during the germination stage! 

5. Active Play Sports Equipment

Why It's Great: Summer is the perfect time for children to enjoy outdoor activities, and active play sports make it more enjoyable and exciting! You will also be encouraging your bundle of joy to engage in physical activity. And, if they have their friends over, having active play sports equipment can help promote social interaction skills, especially when the sport involves team play! 

Top Pick: Little Tikes' T-Ball Set is a simple, kid-friendly baseball set that you can get for your future major league baseball player. We particularly love this baseball set because its height is adjustable, and the bat is oversized and lightweight, so your bundle of joy can always hit a home run! There are also five plastic tee balls included in the set, so you have a spare.

If you have limited outdoor or indoor space, you'll be happy to know that this baseball set for kids can be easily stowed away thanks to its special hang-on-the-wall design. 

6. Climbing Structures and Obstacle Courses

Why It's Great: Climbing structures and obstacle courses also benefit children. As your bundle of joy climbs and navigates through the structure, they develop their strength, balance, coordination, and motor skills. Aside from physical development, they also boost their critical thinking as they find ways to overcome obstacles! 

Top Pick: Eezy Peezy's Monkey Bars Climbing Tower is an excellent summer learning toy that challenges your little one's physical limits and problem-solving abilities. They can climb, hang, and crawl —think of it as your kid's very own jungle gym! 

We love Eezy Peezy's Monkey Bars Climbing Tower because it doesn't easily topple over, even though it doesn't use an anchor. Plus, it can accommodate up to 150 lbs of weight despite weighing only 27 lbs! 

7. Educational Board Games for Outdoors

Why It's Great: Educational toys for summer wouldn't be complete without board games! Board games stand out from other learning toys because they offer an interactive learning experience that incorporates strategic thinking and even STEM subjects like math! And the best part? You can join in the experience! 

Top Pick: ThinkFun's Gravity Maze is not your ordinary educational board game for the outdoors. As a matter of fact, it is a maze and marble game in one! So, how does it help sharpen your kid's critical thinking skills and ties in STEM subjects like science and engineering? Well, it puts your bundle of joy's logic and spatial reasoning to the test through 60 challenges!  


Each challenge card displays a starting setup of towers and a target tower configuration. Your child must use a combination of logic and trial-and-error to rearrange the towers in such a way that when the marble is released, it follows the correct path to reach the target tower. 

As your child progresses through the challenges, the more challenging the maze is!   


With these educational toys, summer becomes the perfect season for playful learning. Each of these toys offers a blend of fun and education, ensuring that playtime is always enriching.

Looking for ways to make learning fun this summer? Check out these top educational toys! And if fbyou're planning a summer party or playdate, Party Baby Seattle is here to enhance the experience with our range of play setups. Visit our website or follow us on Instagram @PartyBabySeattle for more ideas and inspiration.

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Disclaimer: The educational products mentioned are recommended for their potential educational and entertainment value based on general product information. Party Baby Seattle does not endorse these products and assumes no liability for their use. Consumers should verify the suitability and safety of the toys for their children’s specific needs. We highly advise to always follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines.


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