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How to Prepare Your Space for a Bounce House or Soft Play Package

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

You may be wondering, does my yard have what it takes to host a bounce house or soft play package from Party Baby? Should I rent out a space at the local park? What do I need to do before they arrive to set it up? We’ve got all the details here on how you can prepare for your dream event!

We Can Set Up Just About Anywhere!

Here are some creative places we’ve set up our bounce houses and soft play rentals for parties and playtime:

  • Living room

  • Basement

  • Covered carport

  • Garage

  • Backyard/lawn

  • Parks

  • Event center

  • Gymnasium

Set-Up Preparation for an Indoor Event

Please make sure:

  • Room is cleared of furniture and personal items

  • Floor is clean & dry

  • There is enough room to accommodate the entire playspace (please inquire for dimensions on specific packages), with extra room on each side to keep it safe.

  • There is a power source within 5 feet (if renting one of the Itty Bitty Bounce Houses & planning to set up indoors)

Set-Up Preparation for Outdoor Event

In order to properly set up the playspace, we require:

  • Set up area on grass, concrete, pavers, and wood or trex decks (not dirt, gravel, bark or sand).

  • Set up area is completely FLAT.

  • Grass is cut short.

  • Ground is dry (morning dew is unavoidable and fine). If in your own yard, please avoid turning on sprinklers for 24-hours before to ensure ground is solid. Excessive rain prior to the event may cause problems and an alternate space is encouraged.

  • Ground is clear from any debris and animal waste

  • Power source is within 5 feet (for bounce houses). Extension cords will not be used for safety reasons.

  • Enough room to accommodate the entire playspace (please inquire for dimensions on specific packages), with extra room on each side to keep it safe.

  • Any necessary permits or reservation requirements to be taken care of by the event organizer. Please reserve the space well in advantage to allow yourself enough time to complete their requirements.

If hot & sunny:
  • We highly recommend you secure a shaded spot or rent a tent canopy as the equipment can get hot to the touch, especially for little ones.

If rain/bad weather:
  • We highly recommend having a backup indoor location ready to go in case set-up needs to be moved. You can also rent a tent canopy for cases of light rain.

  • If you decide to cancel the event due to bad weather, we will give you a 12-month voucher to reschedule for another date.


Set-up & Takedown Procedure & Rules

  • We will arrive 1-2 hours before your party to set it up, depending on the size of your package.

  • Please have parking available near the entrance. We do charge an additional fee for obstructions such as stairs, far from parking, etc.

  • Event organizer or another point of contact needs to be on-site during set-up and take-down for any questions.

  • Kids are to be kept away from the area for both set-up and tear down so we can work safely and efficiently.

  • If renting a space, please account for set-up and take-down times in your rental.

  • After installation, we’ll review the rules and safety measures and then you’re all set for a day of fun!

  • We will take down the equipment 4 hours after your set start time, or you can add additional time with advance notice and an additional fee.


Playtime Rules

To ensure your guests remain safe during play, please review our post Bounce House & Soft Play Rules to Keep Guests Safe.

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