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5 Places to Host a Kids Birthday Party This Winter

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

If you’re looking for a place to host your kid’s birthday party this winter, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

Bounce houses and playland rentals from Party Baby Seattle are a great way to get your kids active while keeping them entertained for hours. But what if it’s cold outside? You can’t exactly set up a bounce house inside … right?

Actually, you can! We offer a variety of inflatable bounce house sizes, so we can accommodate a variety of space sizes. This post will give you suggestions to find the perfect space for your upcoming party, while keeping everyone warm and happy.


Top 5 Indoor Spaces to Throw a Party This Winter

Check out the top 5 areas we’d recommend throwing a kids party this winter:

1. Living Room

It may be obvious, but your home is the easiest and most convenient place to host a party. We commonly set up in living rooms, and guests move their couches and all other furniture out of the room for the day. This gives you more room for kids to play and a larger space for the equipment, as well as minimizes the risk of someone bumping their head on your glass end table, for example. An unfinished basement is also a great option because of the large space available. As long as it’s a flat, dry, clean surface, we’re good to go. If your home can’t accommodate even our smallest jumpers and playlands, consider the home of a close family or friend. We do all the set-up and clean-up, so hosting work is minimal.

2. Heated Garage

If you have a heated garage that doubles as a rec room, this is a perfect space to set up a birthday party bash in the winter. These spaces are especially easy to navigate as a standard double stall garage accommodates one or our playlands and small bounce house. While you may need a jacket on while you watch the kiddos, they will appreciate a cooler space while they run and jump for hours. Just make sure your garage floor is clean and dry for party day so there are no slips.

3. Community Center

Your community center is a great place to host a birthday party as they often have large rooms or gyms with plenty of space to set up your rented equipment. If you can’t reserve your own private room, some gyms are able to partition off part of the space so you can still have some separation from the general public. We recommend making signage for your party that you can put up so guests know where to go and others understand it’s a private event. Just inquire with management about reserving a space for your party and what rules they have.

4. Church

Churches are a unique and often overlooked space for hosting a kids birthday party. Most churches have large gathering rooms or basement education spaces that sit empty on Saturdays. While they aren’t in the business of renting out their space, they may be open to letting you use the building for a small fee or free will donation, especially if you are a member. And again, a bonus is that most churches have a kitchen and tables for you to prep, serve, or clean up if you serve a meal. Inquire with the office secretary about renting out a space and what rules they may have.

5. Event Space

If you’re looking for a more private & elegant place to host your party, consider what event spaces are in your area. They may have discounted rental rates for off-season or slow times (think Sunday afternoons in January, for example). If there’s a restaurant attached, you may be able to work out a deal for both using the space and ordering food. Contact the venue to discuss rental options and be sure to read through their contract.


Renting from Party Baby makes throwing a kids birthday party so easy, no matter what the weather is like outside. Our bounce houses and gated playlands are also a great way to keep kids together and safe, while also ensuring the spaces are clean and sanitized. We also have liability coverage so your site host can rest easy knowing that if someone were to get hurt, we have insurance.

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