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4 Health Benefits of Soft Play Equipment for Toddlers

Updated: 2 hours ago

You may be surprised to learn just how beneficial a mobile soft play rental is to your toddler’s development!

But first, what is soft play?

Mobile soft play equipment or soft play rentals are just like they sound–soft and irresistibly fun play set-ups for little kids to keep them occupied for hours, whether inside your own home or out in the backyard. Playpens typically include some or all of the following fun activities:

● Ball pits

● Rubber animals

● Tunnels

● Climbing sets

● Inflatables

● And more!

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4 Health Benefits of Soft Play Equipment for Toddlers

1. A safe place to explore.

As parents, keeping kids safe is our number one priority, and we all know this is especially difficult during the toddler years. Little tikes love to run, jump, and tumble, and daily life brings a host of scrapes and bruises. Most outdoor park playsets are designed for bigger kids, which either leaves little ones dependent on parents or taking risks, and, at times, getting injured.

Soft play rentals provide a safe, soft play area designed especially for toddlers to do all the things, with none of the injuries.

2. Improves gross & fine motor development.

Soft play equipment gives toddlers the opportunity to practice a variety of motor development skills.

Gross motor activities developed during soft play include:

● Running

● Jumping

● Crawling

● Throwing

● Kicking

● Climbing

Fine motor activities developed during soft play include:

● Pinching

● Grasping

● Sorting items

3. Improves social skills.

Soft play rentals are best enjoyed with friends! Kiddos can practice sharing, taking turns, and helping each other in any number of activities, such as the ball pit, inflatables, and bouncy riders. Because it’s a kids-only zone, children are encouraged to socialize and figure things out themselves, without adults intervening.

4. Cognitive growth and development.

Play is critical to a child’s cognitive growth because they’re free to experiment with objects and their bodies and overall figure out how things work. Playtime is a judgment-free time for them to imagine and get creative, helping them learn new ways to do things and gain confidence.

5. Indoor or outdoor play.

Clients love that they can book a mobile play set-up and, whether it’s rain or shine, the party will go on! Our mobile play pen can easily be set-up outside on flat ground or, in the frequent chance of rain here in Seattle, inside the home in your living room.

As you can see, playtime is both fun and healthy! If you’re looking for more kids party inspiration, visit us on Instagram @partybabyseattle.

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