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How to Plan the Ultimate Toddler Birthday Party in Seattle

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

So you’re planning your toddler’s upcoming birthday party and want to make it as stress-free as possible. To which we say: good choice! We’re here to give you some advice from fellow parents who’ve been around the block before when it comes to hosting birthday parties for the littles.

How to Plan the Ultimate Toddler Birthday Party in Seattle

If you’re planning your first toddler birthday party with little friends (and their parents!), you may feel excited, nervous, or both. Let’s walk through a simple party planning checklist to make sure you have a fun, stress-free event.

Pre-Party Planning Checklist

Choose the date & time.

Presuming you’ll be looking at a Saturday or Sunday to host your party, the timeframe will be the next biggest factor. Consider the time of day that would work best for your age group. Typically morning parties from 9-noon work the best for toddlers so they can make it home for their afternoon naps (which we really don’t want them to miss, am I right?).

Send out invitations.

We recommend sending out invitations 2-3 weeks in advance, giving parents enough advance notice to plan and keep the day free, but not too much time that they misplace the invite and forget all about it.

Determine what food you’ll provide.

Consider how long your guests will be at the party, and whether you plan to serve snacks, a meal, or both. Depending on how long kids will be playing before a meal is served, it’s always a good idea to have some light, mess-free snacks (think Goldfish, applesauce pouches, or cheese sticks) on hand to keep little tummies happy until you’re ready to serve food.


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Nail down the dessert.

Birthday cake and ice cream is classic, but you can also serve a different birthday dessert-like popsicles, donuts, or a candy bar. As with any food, make sure that whatever you serve is not a choking hazard and that kids with allergies or other special dietary needs have something fun to indulge in, too.

Create a loose timeline for the party.

Take some of the mystery out of the big day with a penciled-in timeline to keep things on track. Let’s imagine your party is from 9:30am-12:30pm, with lunch and cake provided. You may want to have an itinerary that includes a plan for the arrival of kids, activities, snacks, craft, lunch, gifts, dessert, and pick-up. You can always adjust the schedule of events during the party depending on what activities the kids are really enjoying.

Plan age-appropriate activities.

Depending on what kind of play, toys, or entertainment you have available during the party, you may want to plan for some group activities like games or crafts. Keep in mind the age group of your little guests to find something that isn’t too hard for them to partake in.

Buy or make decorations.

Some fun decorations will transform your space into something special for the big day. On our must-buy list is:

● plastic tablecloths

● themed paper plates, cups & napkins

● streamers

● balloons

● signs (can also be made in Canva[1] )

Day-of Party Checklist

● Prepare and set-up food

● Decorate

● Hang up signs

● Prep activities + supplies

● Welcome guests

● Keep an eye on your timeline

● Ask little ones if they need to use the bathroom (trust us on this one!)

● Have fun!

Consider a mobile play rental in Seattle

If you want to make your toddler birthday party even more stress-free, check out a mobile soft play rental, like Party Baby Seattle! Soft play equipment gives kids ages 0-5 hours of entertainment and there’s zero set-up or clean-up that you need to do. Let us handle keeping the kids entertained and laughing within a safe & contained area while you and the other parents sit back and relax!

Ready to bring the fun to your house? Book your event today.

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Happy birthday planning!

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