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Boost your venue's visibility with magical events from Party Baby Seattle


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Step into the flourishing kids' birthday party scene in Seattle!

We're here to help you maximize your venue's potential and take your business to new heights.

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Are you ready to host a variety of party events catering to the booming kids' birthday party space at your venue? In Seattle, unique event spaces are much sought after. While many enjoy hosting summer events at home, there's always a need for unique venues when the weather isn't as welcoming. Party Baby Seattle offers a unique opportunity to collaborate. We'll bring not only customers but unforgettable themed parties to your venue.

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Through Party Baby Seattle’s Venue Partnership Program, your space could be the go-to choice for hosting a variety of unforgettable children's parties.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Our team will handle all the necessary setup and take-down. Your part is to enjoy the increased visibility and revenue.

We Bring the Party

Our themed parties are a hit! With over 2 million views on our Instagram videos, we've established a loyal and engaged customer base. As our partner, you'll gain direct access to this vibrant community.

Collaborate with Experts

Our 5-star Google Reviews attest to our professionalism. We aim to create extraordinary experiences at your venue.

Why Partner with Party Baby Seattle?

We are not just a party equipment rental company. We're also parents. We understand the elements that make a child and their parents feel special. To us, an event should create lasting memories for both the host and the attendees.


As a venue owner, we're sure you aim to increase the visibility of your venue. More memorable events mean more people opting for your venue. And that's exactly what we offer as a Party Baby Seattle Venue Partner.


So what are you waiting for? Become the go-to event venue in Seattle today! We’re licensed, insured, and excel at what we do!


How It Works:

You become a Party Baby Venue Partner.

You are featured in our roster of Seattle event venues.

We promote your amazing venue to our clients, pairing their events with your space.

An unforgettable themed event takes place at your venue!

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We cannot say enough amazing things about Party Baby Seattle! Planning a toddler party is stressful and you want everyone to have a great time and, let’s be honest, for the toddlers not to be bored- and our Cotton Candy Luxe package was exactly what took our party from fun to unforgettable! We know our friends will be following in our footsteps for their kiddo’s parties, too! Thank you Party Baby Seattle!



Let’s Create the Next Preferred Event Venue in Seattle!

At Party Baby Seattle, we understand the value of a diverse venue. Not all events are suited for a home setting. Whether it's a birthday party, an employee holiday party, or a community event, a spacious venue can provide the perfect backdrop for our themed experiences.


That’s exactly why we’ve launched the Venue Partnership Program. It's a golden opportunity for you to increase your visibility and make your venue a favorite within the community. All of our events are promoted on Instagram. An event at your venue means tagged photos and videos on social media. Imagine the reach that can provide! Your location combined with our team of experts can create magic!


Become A Venue Partner Today!

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and join our Venue Partnership Program. Our team will get back to you promptly!

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Party Baby Seattle is a fully licensed and insured organization.

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