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5 Reasons Soft Play Rentals Are Becoming So Popular in Seattle

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Maybe you’ve been hearing about soft play rentals on Instagram or have no idea what it is but know you want to learn more. You’re in the right place!

But first, what is soft play?

Mobile soft play equipment or soft play rentals are just like they sound–soft and irresistibly fun play set-ups for little kids to keep them occupied for hours, whether inside your own home or out in the backyard. Playpens typically include some or all of the following fun activities:

● Ball pits

● Rubber animals

● Tunnels

● Climbing sets

● Inflatables

● And more!

Soft Play Rental

1. Delivered to your door.

Mobile soft play rentals keep it easy for families with little ones to have fun. No need to pack up all the kiddos and travel to a playland or park. The fun is literally delivered right to the door. Plus, the homeowner has no set-up or take-down to do, we do it all.

2. Good clean fun.

We all want our kids to play in a safe, clean space. Unlike visiting a public play area which may be cleaned daily, our mobile play equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use to ensure your children aren’t exposed to any germs. Private play parties are great for families that need to be extra cautious with exposure.

3. Entertain without interruption.

If you have an upcoming special event at your home and want to keep the little ones busy, a soft play rental is the way to go. Whether it’s a 2-year-old birthday party, a large family get-together, or an adult dinner party, your littlest guests will be safely occupied for the afternoon. Be warned: your adults will want to stand around and watch the play pen because it’s that fun!

4. Kids sleep great.

At the end of the day, every parent wants a tired kiddo who is ready for a solid night’s sleep. A soft play set-up will give them hours of full-physical entertainment to run, kick, jump, crawl, hop, and roll. You may get tired just watching them!

5. Indoor or outdoor play.

Clients love that they can book a mobile play set-up and, whether it’s rain or shine, the party will go on! Our mobile play pen can easily be set-up outside on flat ground or, in the frequent chance of rain here in Seattle, inside the home in your living room.

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